Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: 10 Lessons India Taught It's Women

Lesson 1. Rape is on the rise and Woman, its thy fault
Rapes in India have risen by 873% in past five decades. And from politicians to members of  the parliament to top cops, everyone thinks that its majorly women's fault. Here is a sample: right at the beginning of the year, Dinesh Reddy, the Director General of Hyderabad (where I live) said, "rape is increasing because women have started dressing fashionably" and ‘women provoke men to rape them by wearing flimsy clothes.

(Oh, and the cop not only got away with that,  but actually got a pat on the back. Last month, he became the president of Indian Hockey Federation. Don't be surprised if our women hockey players are now ordered to play in Pyjamas!)

Lesson 2. Know that thy Law maker's job includes watching Porn at work and preach you on decency

It's a male law maker's prerogative to chastise women and decide what kind of clothes they will wear, even when he will watch porn, right inside the assembly building.
Example: A minister in Bangalore, was caught watching a porn clip right within the state Assembly in February this year. The minister had advised women many times to wear less revealing clothes to avoid getting raped. 

Lesson 3. Thou shall be punished for thy son's conducts 
If a woman's son does something that MEN in her community don't approve of - such as having an affair with a girl he loves - the woman will be punished for that. Example: In Satara district of Maharashtra a Dalit woman was stripped and paraded naked, then beaten up so brutally, she had to be admitted in the hospital in Karad.

Lesson 4. Thou shall not refuse to join a political party.

In April this year, a woman in West Bengal attempted suicide after she was molested and her family members were beaten up by a group. Her crime: she had said 'no' to some people who asked her to join a political party (Trinamool Congress).

Lesson 5. Thou shall not give birth to daughters.

Example: In Coimbatore of southern India a man killed his 20-year-old wife for giving birth to a female baby in June. In April, A 27-year-old woman was allegedly beaten up and poisoned by her in-laws in Delhi for giving birth to a girl child.

Lesson 6. Using public transport? Thou shall not expect safety

Safety is a myth for those women who use public transport - whether that is a bus or a local train or even one of those tiny auto rickshaws.

Example: Damini - the 23-year old paramedical student was gangraped inside a moving bus. In Delhi alone, this was the 4th such case in 2012. Women have also been raped in auto rickshaw and more frequently, in trains.

Lesson 7. Thou shall not seek punishment for a cop rapist
Example: In  2010, four policemen were arrested for raping a girl and molesting her younger sister in the presence of their parents in Uttar Pradesh state. This week, Central Bureau of Investigation - the highest investigating body of India gave all of the accused a clean chit and ordered the closure of the case. Similar verdicts have acquitted policemen accused of rape elsewhere.

Lesson 8. Young or old, thou shall be raped

Nobody's safe when it comes to rape and molestation. From 2- year old toddlers to 80-year old grand mothers - every female in India is at the risk of being raped. Because, all they see is in a female is her vagina

Lesson 9. Thou shall not party. or visit pubs.  or have friends outside thy religion 

Example: A 23 year old Muslim woman dragged out of her car and beaten unconscious by a mob for  traveling with a non-Muslim in  A group of  young girls were beaten up for having a birthday party. A girl molested by a mob after visiting a pub... the lesson was laud and clear: don't go out at all. If possible, don't exist.

10.  Thou shall not expect justice 
Example:  Of the 5,337 rape cases in the last decade, in 3,860 the culprits were either acquitted or discharged by courts for lack of 'proper' evidence.

P.S: 2012 is over. Here comes 2013. All those lessons and those who taught'em can go to dogs. See you in the new year - unlearned, unchanged and very uncouth


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