Thursday, November 10, 2011

CCMP Fellowship and VoF Correspondent: My Reasons to Smile

Last week had been a little too hectic: writing stories, meeting deadlines, research, networking and all the while juggling with the 7-hours' of daily power cuts.

So today I just wanted to sit idle a bit and share with you a few smiles, on becoming a Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP)Fellow and also on being a Voice of the Future Correspondent.

First, the CCMP Fellowship. It's a joint initiative between the International Institute for Environment and Development, Internews and Panos London to improve media coverage of climate change. The fellowship enables journalists to attend and report on the UN climate change negotiations. This year, 18 journalists have been selected to cover the UN summit in Durban, South Africa and I am one of them. 

Personally, it means coming true of a dream: to cover, as a journalist, the biggest exercise in the world to fight climate change. It's an honor to get a deep insight into the 'economics' of the climate change agenda, to watch closely the negotiations, the build up and changing of the political and economic dynamics and then, to report back these developments to my people back home, sans jargon, sans complexities.

But above anything else, it means that the decision that I took 4 years ago to move into environment journalism (the decision that made me a laughing stock among many and subjected me to a lot of you- are-who?/you-do-what?-kind of neglect) is finally proves to be right. 

Now, if CCMP fellowship makes me a journalist proud of her work, the selection as a Voice of the Future Correspondent by World Pulse goes much deeper. I feel happy and proud to be a woman.

In plain words, this opportunity actually is a 5-month long training during which I learn the nuances of web journalism and social media. Honestly, these are already my forte and yet I am dancing. Why? Because this program offers much more than what meets the eye: connecting you with grass root women leaders all across the world. These are women of brain, ideas, innovations, action and affection. In short they are the changemakers of today and tomorrow and I am now one of them! 

All my life, I have been a favorite child of neglect and bad luck. I was born on April 26 and I always thought it meant I was double (13+13) unlucky.

But not any more. Things change. That's the beauty of life!  And I sure am going to enjoy this beauty!

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