Thursday, September 08, 2011

Breaking News From Tihar Prison

Hello folks! Evening! Time to hear
your neighborhood news reader
once again. In this bulletin
there’s news brought from within
secured walls of prison Tihar
in New Delhi; you know where

nowadays half of India’s crooks-
(whom for long we all mistook
as honest and good folks) are
having a special get together.

Old and young, both women and men
There are so many of those villains
in Tihar now that they are
contemplating to launch their
own, exclusive ‘Fully Corrupt
People’s Party’. Already the draft

proposal has got the blessing
of Kalmadi, Raja and Amar Singh.
Bellary Reddys are expected too
ioin in soon. Now, they want you,
Public, to suggest a good, suitable
 image they can make party symbol.

Pause for a sec then and ideate
what image can befit them? Blade
n scissors? Or snatching of a chain?
From someone’s neck? Or a gun
loaded, pointed at a man’s head?
Or, Hazare’s photo, crossed with red? 


samrat said...

hi stella, great satire. fantastic presentation. in one word,wow.

stella's musings said...

Thanks so much Samrat. Once again, your kindness has touched me. My best wishes to you too!