Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Assange vs Mayawati: My Peace Pact

Good evening folks, hope you are
doing really fine out there.
I have, for you, some news with me
hot as hell, and very spicy.
You will love it. So, come on in
Let us listen to this bulletin.

First headline is, (current affairs)
A verbal fight between a pair
of two very, very headstrong
men and women. Passion
gushes out when they speak,

words and rage, like hot bricks
fly around. She loves her
shoes(all of them) while other,
loves to leak it. Now, mad
she thinks, he is a very, very bad
case of mental illness. And see
He just laughs. Aww...ain’t it pretty??

Dear audience, there is a way
We can stop this fight: what say,
both are single, so why not
build a 'pandal' and call an abbot
and, then, let both tie the knot?

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