Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And Now, Goddess Durga To Kill Global Warming Demon!!!

Move over UNFCCC and IPCC. Divine mother, Goddess Durga is here to take care of climate change!  

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Starting tomorrow, India will celebrate one of its most colorful festivals – the Navrati(nine nights). During the 9-day period, the Bengali community all across the globe will also celebrate Durga Puja. According to Hindu myth, Durga or mother goddess will slay the demon king Mahishasura after fighting him for nine days and nine nights, thus ensuring the victory of good over evil. The idol of goddess Durga (see picture), is a depiction of this myth.

But, this Navratri/durga puja goddess Durga will be fighting a brand new demon; he who has a real hot temper and who spews poisonous smoke. The name is Global Warming. Yes sireee!!

If you are anywhere near Varanasi, drop by for a ‘dekko’ at the Dher Mal Gali, Mirghat. Here, says artist and event organizer Pulack Chand Mukherjee, one can see "Demons imitating the evil called global warming. Ma Durga will fight this new age demon and bury them in a volcano.”

Aha! What a befitting end for a warming demon!

From Mirghat, move on to the Town Hall. There, you will see Goddess Durga releasing Ganga the river from the clutch of a demon called Tehri dam  (that’s Mahishasur in disguise for you).

Both the 'pandal's (makeshift shrine structures) will also have a tableaux, depicting several other small demons which are called terrorism, price rise, corruption and the vanishing lions in the wild!

Now, if Varanasi can be this innovative, how can Kolkata – the real hub of Durga puja be far behind? Durga puja here is a huge show of creative thoughts and skills for the entire artist fraternity.

So, coming week, besides other issues, you will see at least one puja site (Suruchi Sangha club), where the 'pandal' will resemble Kashmir. Here, goddess Durga will slay multiple devils - pollution, global warming, and melting of the glaciers.

Be there, if you can! Bear witness to this most unique fight against climate change! 


GuruDan said...

...hmmm, interesting analogy...it certainly will be welcome to witness the defeat of such a demon... hopefully the other prominent deities will join in the battle...this demon is set to destroy mankind...

shahanara said...

Very interesting blog!!

stella's musings said...

Dear Shahnara
Thank you very much!

stella's musings said...

@Gurudan: Your own blog (for Caribbean entrepreneurs) caught my eye too. I may not be your target reader, but will return to check for sure!