Monday, August 29, 2011

Lost& Found: A Random Thought

It started as a day of mediocrity when everything happens in a routine, without even a ripple created anywhere to make you feel there's anything special about life. But suddenly, just like that, I looked into (and I have no clue why) my google documents. There, stashed in a pile of files, I found this few verses that I wrote a few months ago, probably in a trip to Gujarat. I don't know if its a poetry - I don't even know what a poetry is anyway - but in a very inexplicable way, these lost forgotten lines made me feel as though the evening had been there especially for em and that ahead of me lay a night of possibility.

Random Thoughts

I see the sun going down
behind the dome of
the brown
Gol Gambuj. Rows of trucks
stand parked against the naked walls
of an unknown structure from a bygone

The sun’s coppery ray
fall on the ‘charpoy’,
where sits the old lady
splitting pea pods. Next to her
Stands Kaali, her buffalo,
Her black body
Looking like a magical shed

Behind me, in a a house I hear 
the sound of radio
‘Welcome to akashvani’ it sings.
The music
in the
early evening air. A group of parrots
sit on the cable wire,
Now peeping, now pecking.

A few leaves of neem
falls on the courtyard – yellow, spent of life.

Yes, the set is ready for a drama
called night

It had been a long day

Things happened like
they are wanted: Fast, and frenzied
and got written
about, talked, clicked . Smitten
lover abducting girl
hurting, raping. Toddler

playing with red ball, run over
by a red van. Man arrested,
students tortured.
Shah Rukh mobbed
at film release, Fiza sobbed
recalling her Chand.

Yes, the day brought in a lot
making itself quite happening and hot
enough to keep people talking
and thinking
till they go to bed….

Yet now, its just another sunset
in this city.

And here I am,
sitting alone, drained
of words, thoughts and sights

Darkness descends, from the great heights
of the sky, spreading

Inside my heart
nothing but nothingness.

Yes, absurd it is, but true

I’m so numb, because I miss you


Anonymous said...

I like the way love ties things up. There are more things happening in the world yes, but the two are also quite important.
Another time another place. green grass, the sea, caffreal.

stella's musings said...

:) feels familiar. feels like I lived that time too!!!

kg said...

you definitely succeed in creating an atmosphere, a mood of melancholy with your words